Driving a car provides status and opportunity for personal control and autonomy, it is really important for this reason. Specially for the sparsely populated area where there is less public transport and you have to travel to longer distances. A personal car is a great blessing indeed. It meets your needs and demands, takes you to longer distances and saves your time while protecting you from harsh outside weather.

But have you ever thought your car too needs protection while protecting you? Yes, it surely does! Just imagine, you’ve parked your car outside and suddenly weather changes and hails began to fall down and it makes dents, dings and scratches. Or it started raining with heavy wind and it effects the paint and finishes that will require a lot of your budget to get it fixed up. Or it’s a bright sunny day and the UV radiations do a lot of damage to car’s exterior and interior. Or attacked by animals and birds? Gosh!!

Let us discuss reasons why you need to BuyCarcover:

  • Protection against the weather

Cars have to face outside elements like snow, hail, rain etc. even when they are not been driven. Exposure to UV light may dull car paint.

Wind itself is not a big issue its just air, but when this air propels objects like pebbles and twigs towards your vehicles, it does not seem good. Let us not talk about the powerful tornadoes that can make a big tree fall on your vehicle….

  • Protection from animals and birds

Small animals like squirrels, cats and mice etc. love hanging out in or around your car, that will lead to scratches hair accumulation and dirt too.

You would never want to find your car covered in bird’s dropping after parking your freshly washed car. Birds can wreak havoc on your car.

  • Preventing thefts

It would be time consuming for a thief to uncover the car first before sitting into it.

  • Damage from people on the street

A good quality car cover can help you protect your vehicle from accidental bumps into your car, key scratches and fingerprints as well.

  • Insect nesting inside your car

Insects are also fond of cars and they will attract towards the tailpipe or under the hood causing major damage to your vehicle.

There are a lot of stores that are providing you best car covers, and you have to choose and decide which one meets your demands ideally. Car cover companies is providing you with best car covers meeting all your demands for indoor and outdoor parking. Choosing best car cover involves deciding either you are parking your car inside the garage or outside of it. Car covers have four major types namely:

  • Indoor car cover
  • Outdoor car cover
  • Custom fit car cover
  • Universal car cover

Your indoor car cover should have following qualities:

  • Form-fit car cover is best looking car covers that are breathable and allow moisture and heat escape. It will fit to your vehicle like a glove. It is made up from a blend of knit polyester and a spandex like material.
  • Dust top car cover protects your vehicle from indoor dust and dirt. It is made up of non-woven fibers with multiple layers of material making it impermeable for dust particles. It is also providing dent and ding protection.
  • Tan flannel car cover is lined with napped material protecting your car finish. It is also breathable, keeping molds and mildews away.
  • Polycotton car cover is the blend of cotton and polyester. It provides your vehicle sun and water protection with a soft touch.

Your outdoor car cover should have following qualities:

  • Leader accessory car cover comes with built in UV protection, breathable, water repellent. It also has windproof straps and is also biodegradable, hence environmentally friendly.
  • Audew car cover is made of heavy-duty cotton blend fabric providing protection in all weathers. It is waterproof, protecting your vehicle from dirt, dust, bird droppings, scratches and door dings as well. It comes with easy to fit and remove.
  • Titan lightweight car cover is made up of fabric that is waterproof, UV protection and scratch protection. It has light weight design that have loop system which secures the cover in its place during high winds.
  • Poly pro car cover comes in variety of car sizes, durable, waterproof, UV protection. It is made from non-abrasive material.

Custom fit Car cover

These are the car covers that are made specifically for one specific vehicle. They have variety as well for custom pattern variation of vehicle like rear spoilers etc. Custom fit car cover has mirror pockets and is cut and sew to fit particular car type. It gives protection and fits better than the universal or semi-custom car covers.

Universal Car cover

These car covers are mass produced mostly three to five sizes. These sizes are supposed to fit to all cars or SUVs. Due to less variation in sizes universal car covers are less advantageous than custom fit.


Who will not want their car to look like a brand new even over a couple of years? It surely comes with your planning and action. Everyone loves their cars and will not imagine of any damage made to their car. It is better to be quick and BuyCarcover that meets the requirement. The right car cover keeps the paint jobs in good condition and prevents weatherly and physical damage.

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