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It is not an exaggeration to say that social media is completely intertwined into our lives. Whether you are an artist, musician, band, TV show, movie, business or whatever else, we can agree that we are online, checking our page to see if we our reaching our target market and hitting numbers. Some of us are looking for the next big band, or our new favorite song, but many of us also want to know how we can better benefit from using social media. It was once said, that if you are an artist, band or business, it is best to be on as many social networks as possible, however, we all know that our time is valuable… and it is always better to be in a place of quality, not quantity. Your ultimate goal is to be successful, and defining your success has never been easier. Fargotube was created with the intention of being that one quality place, where anyone can achieve success and reach their goals. Fargotube is designed to create an experience beyond any other. It is a platform in which anyone can “Experience the Beyond.” Artists, fans and businesses all have similar goals in which they want to communicate, engage and benefit from social media. Fargotube has created the place where all people can participate the way they want, in order to achieve exactly what it is they want to do!

Fargotube is a multi-media broadcast center. It’s your social hub, movie theater, app, television channel, radio station, retail store, mall, rental store, billboard, meeting place, juke box, super highway, theatre, studio and a way to hang out, meet, greet, present and accomplish whatever it is you want to do or be. Fargotube is the first and only web platform that offers a totally flexible and customizable medium for the marketing and sale of all types of digital media and products for projects, organizations, companies and individuals. It allows you to reach your core audience, consumer base, their fans and their friends. Fargotube brings like-minded people, places and things together and ties them into one convenient, easily accessible and effective bundle. It offers a new path, tube-like, directed and environmentally concentrated, to market, sell, stream, download, integrate, network, advertise, monetize, subsidize and deliver film, video, music, literature and breaking news to any social network and or digital/smart device.

Fargotube is dedicated to the social media entertainment experience. We are opening our doors to a world of opportunity to everyone involved. We are committed to our mission of helping artists, creative professionals and businesses to connect with their fans and easily manage their sales and royalties, merchandising and online presence without any upfront costs. It is our mission, vision and goal to be the Entertainment Social Network of choice! The future looks bright for social media entertainment. As fans and consumers demand more content, cooler videos, better deals on music, movies and videos, Fargotube will grow with you to help you become a success… AND this is only the beginning. As soon as we launch our apps store and Fargopoints platform, fans will be climbing over themselves to get to your content. “Going Viral,” will take on a whole new meaning. Fargotube is excited to be your Entertainment Social Network.

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