What is it?


Fargotube is a multimedia broadcast center. It’s your social hub, movie theater, app, television channel, radio station, retail store, mall, rental store, billboard, meeting place, juke box, superhighway, theatre, studio, place, and way to hang out, to meet, greet, present, and accomplish whatever it is you want to do or be. Fargotube activities takes place in real time and Fargotube content is always fresh and up to date.

Fargotube is the first and only web platform that offers a totally flexible and customizable medium for the marketing and sale of all types of digital media and products for projects, organizations, companies and individuals. Fargotube will allow these entities to reach their core audience, consumer base, their fans, and their friends.

Simply put, Fargotube brings like-minded people, places, and things together and ties them up into one convenient, easily accessible, and effective bundle. It offers a new path, tube-like, directed and environmentally concentrated, to market, sell, stream, download, integrate, network, advertise, monetize, subsidize, and deliver film, video, music, literature, and breaking news to any social network and/or digital/smart device. Showcasing your content on Fargotube is easy and seamless and by reserving your own Tube, Fargotube is willing to pay YOU to join its impressive list of tube tenants such as.

Fargotube is the retail arm of Fargotube Distribution, a dynamic digital distribution system capable of bringing your digital content to online retail outlets throughout the world. It boasts a state of the art accounting and back end system and distributes to all the top end users such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon, Rhapsody, Juno and more.

Fargotube! – Why is it different from other aggregate sites?

Fargotube lets you showcase all forms of digital content be it music, videos, movies, shows, photos, books, or merchandise.
Fargotube saves you time with simultaneous social networking, inputting, and updating for all of your projects, products, organizational or individual activities.
Fargotube saves your time and money in getting your content on all major digital platforms, networks, and devices. With a click, your content can be on Facebook, Twitter, and any iPhone, iPad, Droid device in the world.
On Fargotube, there is no duplication of effort because as your content is added to your Tube it will automatically appear on all your other devices, networks and other mobile outlets.
Fargotube allows you to choose from multiple platforms and devices and access them from one central point of entry, your Fargotube.
Fargotube makes content management easy and trouble free.
Fargotube is customizable and flexible to the needs of the user.
Fargotube offers different and unique ways to monetize Tube content.
Fargotube is anchored in real time. The changes you make happen as you are making them; updates, new content, etc.
Fargotube makes “going viral” part of the process.
Fargotube takes the mystery out of on line marketing and selling.
Fargotube insures direct communication between you and your core consumer base or sphere of influence because you have exclusive access to the Fargotube fan board system.
Fargotube has more free content attracting more traffic and giving the site a high level of stickiness.
Fargotube is experiencing a period of intense growth in its online presence in mobile markets and on IPTV systems.
Fargotube can be customized to your needs; versatile and malleable, Fargotube molds itself to specific projects, products, financial structures and data mining.
Fargotube gives you seamless branding that is connected to advertisements as they run, so that it prompts and stimulates fan acquisition and impulse buying while fostering brand loyalty.

Fargotube! – How does it work?

All content residing in a Fargotube will go VIRAL. Why? It can’t help but go viral! It is delivered in a progressive format, ever building as each tube’s content spreads throughout the network in a never ending series of informational swaps and exchanges. Here is how it works; when you add content to your tube, every other user within the Fargotube system can access and capture it and add it to their tube. You can view, buy, sell, watch, inform, address, comment, enjoy, and populate all content residing in virtually every Tube within the Fargotube network. For example:

Jamie and Natasha are friends and both have their own Fargotube. Both women continuously fill their Tube with content that is important and unique to them. For example, Jamie loves Nine Inch Nails and so she browses the NIN Fargotube. She then dynamically adds Nine Inch Nails music to her Tube. Natasha samples NIN on Jamie’s Tube and decides that she likes them too and adds the content to her Fargotube.

The above scenario describes the latest technological trend to hit the Internet and it is known as social entertainment. Fargotube interaction between like-minded fans is timely, relevant, and concentrated. You don’t have to move from Fargotube to visit specialty blogs or chat rooms. Fargotube brings it all to you making your entire social network readily available and easily accessible. The propagation is endless and unlimited. All data and information goes viral. In addition, by building out on Fargotube, its tenants are simultaneously building out their entire mobile and social network experience. Everything is connected via Fargotube technology. Whatever you upload, post, or capture on your Fargotube will be available on any mobile device that you use to reach your network, fan base, core audience, or community. It’s all about direct communication between you and them via Fargotube’s fan board system.

Fargotube! – What does it mean when Fargotube talks about its fan board system and the ability to add content dynamically?

Simply put anything a Tube Tenant adds to his or her tube is accessible via every other Fargotube in the system as well as visitors to the Fargotube site. The content can easily be added to any and all the other Tubes. It is easy a free Fargotube service, yet it affords the originating Tube Tenant an opportunity to earn by turning its content into dollars and consistent revenue streams.

A collapsible scroll bar on the right side of each tube is the spine of the Fargotube fan base system. There you will find and can connect to listings of content, media, chats and all the Fargotube Tenant activities that may be of interest to you or more importantly offer another way to monetize content. The Tube tenant can easily scan and access everything that is going on throughout all of Fargotube via the fan board system. Everything that is going on is happening in real time.

Fargotube! – How can a Fargotube tenant make money from a Tube?

Every bit of content residing on any Tube is available and accessible via the Fargotube Home Page directory or from every Tube on the fan board system. Fargotube Tenant can customize the way you monetize your content or product to suit your needs. In fact Fargotube offers more ways to monetize product than any other platform in the marketplace. Fargotube Tenants set their own pricing as it relates to the nature of its content/products; via downloads, on-demand rental periods, streaming, advertising, integrated stores, etc.

Advertising a product is transformed into a focused, surgical, and strategic procedure. Advertising on your Tube is optional but why ignore a chance to earn some money, especially in a trouble free and completely passive manner! In fact, Fargotube is so confident that its advertising platform will deliver results that it is willing to pay cold hard cash every time an advertisement runs before, after or during your content.

Fargotube’s online advertising technology allows Fargotube Tenants to run a commercial and to sell their products from within the Tube’s player. It is all going on at once and totally under the control of the Tube Tenant; you are branding to your specifications WHILE the ad is running and are able to sell at the same time. It is multi-tasking at its best and it’s most lucrative.