What is FargoTube?
Fargo Tube is a video sharing service that allows a user to get paid for their video content. Fargo Tube’s revolutionary concept offers the user more ways to get paid than any other service. We have combined proven methods used by successful online services such as ebay, Google, YouTube and Amazon into one video sharing service that finally puts money where it belongs…in the hands of the owners of the videos that draw all of the viewers to our site!

How much does it cost to join FargoTube?
It’s free! We believe that access to Fargo Tube’s exciting Compensation Program and the Fargo Tube community should be free of charge to everyone. We do not charge money to view free user videos, participate in the Compensation Program, to join the Fargo Tube community, or to contribute content to Fargo Tube.

How can I advertise on Fargo Tube?
Thanks for your interest! From the home page, click on Advertise at the bottom of the page.

I am a member of the Press, how can I contact the Fargo Tube staff?
Thanks for your interest! Please click Contact Us on the bottom of the page. There you will find contact information for our PR Department.

How can I find out about employment at Fargo Tube?
Please visit www.monster.com to learn about all Fargo Tube job opportunities.